Design Challenge #2 Flyer

Design Challenge #2 Flyer

 I tried a few different things for the flyer assignment. The ‘Rite of Spring’ one was the last one I created and my favorite.

Contrast – I created contrast by making the colored triangles behind the text to help it stand out a bit more.

Alignment – I aligned the text so the eyes could easily follow information down the page. I also aligned the triangles to extend the broken lines of the violin.

Repetition – I extended the cracking in the violin down the page and used the same font as I worked my way down.

Proximity – I put the practical information all together at the bottom so people purchasing tickets could find everything they needed in one spot. I think the colors in the triangles also helped sort information into areas.

I learned how to create a custom brush tool in this assignment and how to create the shattered glass effect. I feel a lot more confident in my ability to make selections in different ways.


I created contrast in this image by choosing white text on a black background. The bowl and colorful cactus also helped it stand out from the black. Text was left-aligned around a line in the middle of the text. I created a custom brush for the lizard footprints and used them repeatedly to direct viewers to each item in a list of things that will be taught at the class. I separated the story from the class topics and placed the time and place at the bottom so that different categories of information would be separated.

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