Design Challenge #1 – Stoddard Sisters

Design Challenge #1 – Stoddard Sisters

These are two of my nieces.

I edited the RGB channel to lighten the girls’ faces and the photo in general. Then I added a hue/saturation layer to bring back some color. I created a light blue sky using the brush tool and then the blending option. I’m not sure I like the blue sky better, but I wanted to try out the tool. I also used the burn tool to darken the color of some of the roofs where it was a bit hazy and did some spot sharpening of the people in the background. I also used a curve to lighten it up one more time as I was finishing.

Photoshop doesn’t have a Cyrillic font so I created the text in Indesign and used the magic eraser to get rid of the opaque white around the letters and covered it with a translucent rectangle.

I feel like there are faster, easier ways to do everything I did and I’m still not completely satisfied with the picture. It was a great learning experience!

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