Digital Divide/Digital Inequality

Digital Divide/Digital Inequality

I was asked to create a slideshow discussing digital divide and digital inequality. Part of the assignment was to consider applications for my school. The slideshow was to be narrated.

I’ve never created a narrated slideshow before. I’d created presentations that I would speak along with, but I think in the past I’ve tried to put everything I wanted to say on the slides so that I wouldn’t forget. It was great to write out what I wanted said with each slide and let that be the primary communication and the material on the slide support what I was saying.  The slides were more simple.

I would have liked to have done more research on the technology my students have at home and how it compares to other schools in my district. There were some things that I knew about my students, but they were generalizations. I would like to have collected more data and asked deeper questions about how they and their parents use the Internet. I’d also be interested in learning about their parents’ opinions on various Web 2.0 tools in the classroom.

I also realized after I’d recorded my voice on the slides that my References page wasn’t alphabetized. Saving the slideshow as a pdf means that no updates are transferred. Recording voice requires more careful editing before the you are getting close to submitting.

I realized that collecting data about how people are using the Internet is probably more difficult than just determining who has it. This assignment made me more aware of the opportunity that I have as a classroom teacher to teach my students the best ways to use the technology available to them.

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